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List of Awards

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In 1999 and 2000 he participated on the competitions “Youth researches” with inventions against autoimmune diseases, against Alzheimer’s disease and against different kinds of leukemia and solid tumors Received Certificates and

- The Special BKK Krupp Thyssen Health Prize 2000

- In 2003 he presented his improved invention also against different kinds of leukemia and solid tumors by the International Exhibition “Ideas – Inventions – New Products” IENA 2003 in Nuernberg, Germany and was awarded with the Bronze Medal ”For Outstanding Achievements” and the Honorary Certificate.
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People 2000

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Tinkering is by Alexander in the family. His grandfather was inventor. Welding methods occupied him. Alexander’s father was still early convinced, that his son has intelligence for solving biological problems. Therefore, his parents, coming from Ukraine support him and pay fees for patent applications.
With his medicament for fighting/combat cancer, Alexander was successful some weeks ago by “Youth researches”. He won the Health Prize. Other ideas turn on the treatment of tuberculosis and Alzheimer and for fighting infectious diseases. “One of my most wonderful idea is a method for repairing/regeneration of damaged spinal cord.” Alexander seeks for ways for fighting disease causing agents without affecting other healthy parts of organism. “Selectivity is my main principle” says the young scientist.
Professor Ulrich Hadding from the Institute of Microbiology of the Heinrich – Heine University is convinced from the boy. “His ideas are good”. But, the necessary infrastructure for realization is lacking.
“A laboratory for example for making simulations is needed”.
Alexander is just seeking for firms, that are ready to test his ideas. He is surely: ”It will be worthwhile to finance my projects”.
He will be supported by his teacher Hans Wallaschek, who is engaged for “Youth researches” at the Goethe – Gymnasium. “Alexander is very gifted in his field” says Wallaschek.
“Teachers estimate him and professors accept him seriously.”
Certainly, for other subjects is the boy not so interested.
“I neglect the school”, he confesses.
“But it will be sufficient for studying biology.” In loveliest case Alexander would like to research at any university in the USA after finishing the school. Later, he would like to found a company for realization of his ideas. “I have many plans”.