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Description of Anticancer Invention

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Novel Fusion Proteins against Different Kinds of Leukemias and Solid Tumors
Cancer is a burden not only for industrialized countries it is also a burden for developing countries. It is the burden and one of the biggest problems of the world. Different kinds of solid tumors are especially dangerous for maternal health, reproductive health and child health. Mamma – carcinomas, ovarian cancers, and leukemias and melanomes by children are especially spread at the time, because such factors such as cancerogenic substances in the food, radioactive contamination and increased solar irradiation through ozon layer decrease play a role increasingly.
Against leukaemia and solid tumors, different therapies are known. Recently used radio and chemo therapies have many disadvantages. The main disadvantage of radiotherapy is the influence of radioactive rays and isotopes also on healthy cells, which are thereby damaged. The substances used in chemotherapies are small molecules acting on cells unselectively, thereby inhibiting their growth. The disadvantage lies in this unselectiveness causing damage in healthy cells such as those of the reproductive system.
The use of other oncostatic ( cancer inhibiting ) substances will be researched and practiced. Vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, inhibitors of angiogenesis (growth of new vessels ), recombinant fusion proteins acting as linkers between tumor cells and immune cells such as macrophages or cytotoxic T-cells, and other methods are described in literature. Vaccines will be used for production of certain kinds of antibodies against an antigen of any pathogen such as a virus, bacteria or a tumor cell. Antibodies act on immune cells and induce the engulfing or destruction of pathogens by these immune cells. Fusion proteins comprising regions for activation of macrophages and pathogen recognizing regions act by a similar mechanism, such as antibodies. The disadvantage is the complication of application of these strategies against cancers of blood cells (B-cell leukemias, T-cell leukemias, Hodgkin disease, etc.), because, in this case, immune cells are not healthy.
Use of inhibitors of angiogenesis aims the prevention of blood supply for uncontrolled dividing cells, but it cannot be used for the healing blood cell tumors. Our project will allow the development of a novel class of drugs, able to find target cells selectively and to inhibit their growth and eliminate them directly. This proposed innovative solution will impact the health problem caused by cancer and will allow the healing of it. The proposed class of medicaments is better than current health technologies, because these medicaments will act very selectively, effectively and emollient. They can act also without attracting immune cells.
Alexander Cherkasky’s solution concept pertains to a fusion protein comprising at least two domains: i.) a microtubule specific domain which either contains a microtubule binding domain and ii.) a ligand as a target cell or tumor specific domain. The ligand preferably is a binding partner of a target cell or tumorcell specific receptor.
Once the fusion protein selectively has recognized the target cell via the target cell specific domain the fusion protein is included or internalized into the cell. This process optionally is facilitated or accelerated by a "penetrating domain" as an N - terminal region of the fusion protein. In one embodiment the microtubule binding domain could be formed by neural proteins gephyrin, tau or MAP. Once these domains are bound to microtubules they inhibit cell division causing tumor cell death. Possible applications of these cytostatic fusion proteins are therapeutic treatments of tumor diseases such as leukemia, i.e. B - cell tumors, T - cell - tumors, Hodgkin - Lymphom and other tumors. For this project Alexander Cherkasky was awarded with the Bronze Medal and the Honorary Certificate “For Outstanding Achievements” of the International Exhibition in Nuernberg 2003

Further Inventions
He has also inventions allowing healing autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, novel diagnostic systems for precise, cheap and fast diagnosis of infectious diseases including AIDS/HIV infection, novel healing strategies against HIV – infection, novel fast gene and genome sequencing systems, novel biomaterials and other inventions with very big economic potential

1)The realization of his inventions
2)Working on inventing and theoretical biology, and making new patents
3)Finding partners such as
agencies for jointly realization of his inventions
4)Finding partners for jointly company foundation
5)Finding manager/producer/entrepreneur
6)Finding investors for funding, for investing in his, in patenting of him inventions and in their commercialization. His inventions have very big scientific and economic potential

The Meaning of Theoretical Biology

Creative analysis and generation of new inventions, new patents, that are one of most important factors allowing the winning by the concurrence Theoretical biology can save and direct scientific resources
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