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Google Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

20-01-2014, 22:05. Разместил: admin
Google Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

Sergey Brin, Lawrence E. Page and Google Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize

Alexander Cherkasky, Award-Winning and Media-Highligted Biologist and
Inventor of Anti-Cancer, Anti-Autoimmune and Anti-Viral Therapies,
Fast Genome Sequencing Systems, New Composite Materials and
High-Quality Like-Natural Synthetic Diamonds

Email: alexcherkasky@googlemail.com


I propose the initiative for the nomination of Sergey Brin, Lawrence
E. Page and Google for The Nobel Peace Prize and invite everybody who
also thinks, that Sergey Brin, Lawrence E. Page and Google deserve The
Nobel Peace Prize to place comment on this blog or to contact me.

Google and it Founders Sergey Brin and Lawrence E. Page have created a
new system for communication and education of people. Thus Google
promotes broad distribution of knowledge as well as faster recognition
of inventors and inventions. Moreover Google promotes reduction of
plagiarism and thus reduction of investment risks.
Google helps inventors and individualists to get better chances to get
their inventions known and recognized, to implement their inventions
and to unfold their possibilities in order to improve life of people.
In comparison, the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci needed hundreds of
years and inventions of Nikola Tesla needed more than hundred years in
order to be recognized and used, but now thanks to Google the times
for recognition can be shortened. Thus people can hope for example for
soon and highly qualitative healing.
People can hope, that the problems of people will be solved faster,
more dynamic and more effectively and qualitative.
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