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Like Natural Synthetic Diamonds

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Like Natural Synthetic Diamonds

Alexander Cherkasky


The novel Cherkasky’s synthetic diamonds according to my International
PCT Patent Application WO2012104722 „Novel Cherkasky’s Synthetic
Diamonds and Diamond-Like Materials and Methods and Devices for
Production Thereof”, US Patent Application US20120199792 „Novel
Cherkasky’s synthetic diamonds and diamond-like materials and methods
and devices for production thereof” and German Patent Application
DE102011010422 “Neuartige synthetische Diamanten und diamantartige
Materialien und Verfahren und Vorrichtung zu ihrer kontinuierlichen
Herstellung” (Novel synthetic diamonds and diamond-like materials and
methods and devices for their continuous manufacturing) can be
preferably produced/manufactured by using the High-Pressure
High-Temperature (HPHT)-Technology and can be manufactured
continuously from continuously cultivated or collected and modified
with catalysts and then incinerated biomass, preferably algal biomass
enriched with salts of metal catalysts in order to achieve, to reach
optimal spatial arrangement and even distribution, dispersion of metal
catalysts in the carbon matrix doped with salts/metal catalysis. The
biomass enriched with salts will be incinerated to ash, whereby the
resulting ash can be also additionally enriched with salts (catalyst
metal-halogen-compounds), and this ash will be converted to diamonds
through HPHT treatment/process. The resulting synthetic diamonds are
very near to or similar with the natural diamonds, especially with
natural eclogitic diamonds, where carbon has organic origin i.e.
carbon originates from detritus, i.e. from biomatter.
Thus, colourless, white and coloured synthetic diamonds can be made,
whereby the production process is similar to natural production
process, i.e. natural production process will be “mimicked”. The
structure of natural diamonds and thus physical and especially optical
properties of natural diamonds will be “mimicked”, i.e. copied or
transferred, because metal ions are dispersed or dotted in the carbon
structure and these metal ions, which are doped in a carbon/diamond
host material act as activators or excitable light emitters. These
synthetic diamonds according to my invention comprise the
incorporation of a wide range of dopants (using controlled doping) and
if necessary in high concentrations, thus the resulting synthetic
diamonds are fluorescent and/or phosphorescent.
In current, recent methods, carbon will be firstly purified from
metals and than mixed with metals, but it is not necessary to purify
carbon from metals and than mix it with metals in order to produce
synthetic diamonds.
Thus, this invention allows to increase yield of HPHT-process and to
manufacture large amounts of synthetic diamonds with high quality and
structure and properties like in natural diamonds. It will be also
possible to make novel diamond products.

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) in Antwerp, Belgium
(Ex-President of WFDB Avi Paz, as well as the WFDB-President Ernest
Blom and the Secretary-General of WFDB Rony Unterman) denied and still
deny to publish this information about this my invention of
high-quality like-natural synthetic diamonds on the WFDB website.

Everybody interested in a possible joint commercialization is welcome
to contact me.