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New Hope For People

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My DE10162870, (claim 1 discloses also fusion proteins containing
GTPase or GTP hydrolase and any other domain), makes also not new and
not inventive the patent application US20120329725 (“Chimeric Peptides
for the Regulation of GTPases” of Yi Zheng (US) and David Williams
(US); especially claims 1 and 15 (GTPase domain from a GPA protein)).

Viral nucleic acids inside the cells can be also specifically blocked
and neutralized by selective fusion proteins containing nucleic
acid-binding regions for specific binding to and neutralization of
viral RNA and/or DNA sequences. The invention of the according fusion
proteins is disclosed in my published German patent document
DE10162867. These fusion proteins according to my published inventions
mentioned above can be used both against tumors and against viruses.

Because of my DE19925052A1 and my patent publication DE10162867,
(claim 3 discloses fusion proteins containing sequence-specific or
sequence-unspecific nucleic acid binding domains, like DNA- or
RNA-binding domains and any other domain), the following publications
of others, disclosing fusion proteins containing nucleic-acid binding
domains, are not novel and not inventive:
WO2012161227 (”Nucleic Acid Construct, Nucleic Acid-Protein Complex,
and Use Thereof” of Riken (JP), Akira Wada (JP) and Hiroyuki Osada
(JP)), WO2011072479 (”Fusion Protein Containing a Single-Stranded DNA
Binding Protein and Methods For Expression And Purificaton of the
Same” of Kong Daochun (CN) et al.), WO2011154393 (Fusion Proteins
Comprising a DNA-Binding Domain of a TAL Effector Protein And a
Non-Specific Cleavage Domain of a Restriction Nuclease and Their Use”
of Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen (DE), Ralf Kuehn (DE), Wolfgang Wurst
(DE) and Melanie Meyer (DE); WO2011154393 is also published as
EP2392208 and is also not novel because of my DE10162870 disclosing in
the claim 1 of DE10162870 also fusion proteins containing nuclease),
KR20120065114 (”A Pharmaceutical Composition Using A Fusion Protein
Comprising DNA Binding Domain From GATA-3 of Transcription Factors And
Protein Transduction Domain For Treating An Allergic Asthma And A
Method Using The Same” of Lee Sang Kyou (KR) and Seong Ye Kyung (KR)
at Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation and Yonsei University),
WO2012169916 (”Sequence-Specific Engineered Ribonuclease H and the
Method for Determining The Sequence Preference of DNA-RNA Hybrid
Binding Proteins” of Miedzynarodowy Inst. Biolog. Molekularnej i
Komorkowej (PL), Janusz Marek Bujnicki et al; also not new because of
my DE10162870 disclosing in claim 1 of DE10162870 also all nuclease
fusion proteins), US20120214208 (”Fusion Polypeptides and Uses
Thereof” (fusion proteins containing DNA-binding domain and ligase) of
Michael Patrick Wayne (NZ) and Robert Henry Wilson (NZ) at Massey
University (NZ); also published as WO2011034449, SG179200,
KR20120093882, EP2478014 and CN102597006), KR20120017913 (”An
Inhibitor for Transcription Factor of Fusion Protein Comprising DNA
Binding Domain of Transcription Factor And Protein Transduction
Domain” of Tae Yoon Park (KR) and Lee Sang Kyou (KR) at
Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University),
US20110123509 ”Fusion Molecules of Rationally Designed DNA-Binding
Proteins And Effector Domains” of Derek Jantz (US), Michael Nicholson
(US), and James Smith (US); also published as WO2009134714,
JP2011519558, EP2279250 and CA2722797), WO2012033382 (and
KR20120026927 ”Novel RNA-Binding Protein and Label-Free Detection
Method For Detecting Micro RNA Using Same” of Korea Research Institute
of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Jung Yong Won (KR) et al.),
US20100159527 (”Polypeptides Having Nucleic Acid Binding Activity and
Compositions and Methods For Nucleic Acid Amplification” of Life
Technologies Corp (US), (named ”inventors” are Patrick Martin (US),
David Simpson (US) and Christine Hardy (US); also published as
WO2006074233, US20060228726 and EP2208796) and US20020137699
(”Expression Systems Comprising Chimeric Promoters With Binding Sites
For Recombinant Transcriprion Factors” of Rolf Mueller (DE), Dirk
Nettelbeck (DE), (Dirk Nettelbeck is also involved in plagiarism of my
DE19818938, please see my blog
http://plagiaristsdkfzandapogenix.blogspot.de/ for more information),
and Hans-Harald Sedlacek (DE)).

My published patent application DE10162867, (claims 3 and 6 (nucleic
acid-protein complexes), makes also not new and not inventive the
international patent application WO2012113513 (“Vaccine Composition
Comprising Compexed Immunostimulatory Nucleic Acids and Antigens
Packaged with Disulfide-Liked Polyethyleneglycol/Peptide(!)
Conjugates” of Curevac GmbH (DE), Patrick Baumhof (DE), Karl-Josef
Kallen (DE), Mariola Fotin-Mleczek (DE); especially claim 1).
Above mentioned Roland Brock (DE), Mariola Fotin-Mleczek (DE) as well
as Rainer Fischer (DE), (Rainer Fischer knows my published inventions,
also because I discussed my certain inventions with him), published a
joint above mentioned patent application MX2008008548 (“Peptides
Useful as Cell-Penetrating Peptides” of Evonik Roehm GmbH), and this
confirms relations and cooperative interconnections between some
persons involved in plagiarism of my inventions. According to Der
Spiegel (Nr. 42/15.10.2012, p. 76-79), CureVac got 65 million euro and
than 80 million euro (total 145 million euro) with help/share of
Dietmar Hopp’s biotech investment firm dievini. Spiegel wrote, that
CureVac received the highest investment, a German biotech company ever
received in a private financing round. CureVac is based in Tuebingen,
is led by Ingmar Hoerr and is developing RNA-based therapies and
vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases. All RNA-based therapies
for cancer and infectious diseases are covered by my DE19925052A1 and
DE10162867. Spiegel wrote incorrectly and wrong, that Hoerr first
stabilized RNA and “incidentally” “discovered” the “meaning of RNA”
(for therapy). A number of discoveries, that I already made,
(theoretically, without lab), was made “incidentally”. These
discoveries include some formula and inventions “made by” Micromet,
Halcyon Molecular (brothers Andregg), and the group of Terao, Washizu
and Oana, (wounding long DNA sequences around the bobbins), (please
see the blogs http://feasibilityofalexandercherkaskysinven.blogspot.de/
http://alexandercherkasky.blogspot.com/ for more information). Thus,
in addition to CureVac, (who got 145 million euro investment),
Apogenix got 58,5 million euro investment, (also from dievini of
Dietmar Hopp, as well as from the German Cancer Research Center,
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ), (who denied me support and
cooperation in 1998, (in reply from Dr. Ruth Herzog from May 28,
1998)), but DKFZ plagiaristically used my inventions and supported
Apogenix and invested in it, (although examiners of the European
Patent Office sent my DE10160248 as search report/search result to the
patent applications of Apogenix and DKFZ EP1606318 (“Improved Fc
Fusion Proteins”), WO2004/085478 and EP2004003239, i.e. DKFZ (from my
letter to DKFZ in 1998) and Apogenix were aware about me and my
inventions also from the search report of the European Patent Office;
these facts were described in the blogs
http://plagiaristsdkfzandapogenix.blogspot.de/ and
http://plagiatorapogenix.blogspot.de/, (this second blog was written
in German)) and Apogenix got a 5 million euro gift or „donation“ for
„support“ from the German Ministry for Education and Research
(Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF), whereby BMBF was
and is aware about my inventions and published my inventions on the
website of BMBF biotechnologie.de,
i.e. BMBF was aware, that BMBF supported a plagiarist firm Apogenix),
Micromet got approximately 1 billion USD, (as part of it, approx. 300
million euro from Bayer, who observed my participation on “Youth
researches” scientific competition in 1999 and 2000, and was aware
about my presented inventions of therapeutic anti-Alzheimer and
anticancer fusion proteins, but Bayer did not awarded me and gave 300
million euro to Micromet for my presented anticancer invention;
another major part Micromet received from selling stocks on NASDAQ),
Halcyon Mollecular (brothers Andregg) got 28 million USD from
investors…, only to list some few plagiarists who got money via
deceiving investors and concealing my inventorship.
Because of easy invalidation of “intellectual property” of
plagiarists, (for example, patents issued by errors of examiners can
be reconsidered or reexamined, invalidated after reexaminations (with
the USPTO)), plagiarists can not protect products or product
candidates from competitors and thus investors can lose their invested

My anti-viral and anti-cancer invention published in my published
international patent application WO2006/136892 was used as basis and
cited/referenced both in the European patent application EP2447277 and
in the international patent application WO2012055985 (covering new
vaccines for HIV/AIDS) of the Spanish company Laboratorios del Dr.
Esteve and Spanish research institute Fundacio Privada Institut de
Reserca de la SIDA-Caixa. This confirms recognition and quality of my
invenitve work.

Founder of Vecoy Nanomedicines Erez Livneh stated and continues to
state, that nobody before him invented traps, (especially cell-traps)
for viruses, although he is aware about my priority and inventorship
of my according prior published German patent document DE19951694
covering also cell traps for viruses. Visit the blog
http://plagiaristvecoy.blogspot.de/ to learn more.
Thus Livneh’s published international patent application WO2013030831
(especially claims 1, 10 (the world ”cell”), 11, 12, 23, 25 and 31) is
not novel and not inventive because of my prior DE19951694.

Interestingly, this my published German patent application DE19951694
(from the year 1999), (Filing date: October 27, 1999)), which damages
and claims priority worldwide, discloses also in the claims 4 and 9
fusion proteins comprising random proteins of interest and membrane
penetration domains (MPD), as well as fusion proteins comprising
random proteins of interest and signal peptides, i.e. signal peptide
domains. Thus these fusion proteins can migrate in extracellular and
intracellular space (claim 4).
This my invention of fusion proteins comprising any protein and signal
peptide domain, disclosed in DE19951694, was descibed and
plagiaristically used by the Israeli company
Vaxil (by Lior Carmon) in its US20120177677 (”Antigen Specific
Multi-Epitope-Based Anti-infective Vaccines”), WO2011007359 and
EP2453914 (from the years 2009 and 2010) and ”Antigen Specific Multi
Epitope Vaccines” (US20100074925 (claims 39, 57, 58), EP2089423,
WO2008035350, CA2665816 and AU2007298494). In these publications Vaxil
described ”peptide vaccines including the signal peptide domain”
(Abstract of US20120177677 as well as claim 29 (”a vaccine comprising
a peptide or a recombinant polypeptide(!) consisting of at least one
signal peptide domain(!) of at least one target protein(!) of a
intracellular(!) pathogen”) and claim 36 (”restriction enzyme sites”
were disclosed in my DE19925052 A1, claims 9, 12 and 20 (for
therapeutic use)) and claim 42 of Vaxil’s US20120177677). But as
mentioned above these descriptions of Vaxil (Vaxil BioTherapeutics
Ltd. (TASE:VAXL)) are not new and not inventive because of my
Investors of Vaxil must know this information because this key
intellectual property of Vaxil can be lost (for example, patents will
not be granted or if granted by errors of examiners, the patents can
be rejected after reexamination with the United States Patent and
Trademark Office (USPTO)), and thus the products/product canditates of
Vaxil can not be protected from competitors. This information about
Vaxil is also published as the blog

But, the recognition of my inventive work comprises, in addition to
citations by Laboratorios del Dr. Esteve and Fundacio Privada Institut
de Reserca de la SIDA-Caixa, also citation of my German patent
DE19937512 for fast genome sequencing in the US patent US7163658 of
the American inventor Rouvain Bension, citation of my German patent
publication DE19953696 for cures for Alzheimer’s disease in two
American patents US7557182 and US7902156 of Angiochem, citation of my
German patent publication DE19822406 for antiprion molecules in the US
patent US8034766 of E I du Pont de Nemours and Company and of
University College London, citation of my German patent DE19925052
(for gene therapy, to combat viruses and for extension of cell lifes)
in two US patents US7999073 of Lonza and US7320859 of Amaxa (a small
German firm), as well as citation of my US patent application
US20080242565 for new lubricants based on chemically modified
biomasses in the US patent US8273694 of Californians Jeffrey A.
Brown, Joseph A. Duimstra and Jason P. Wells.

But, Imre Hollo (Director, Administration and Finance, WHO Regional
Office for Europe, UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark), in his email from
June 26, 2013 to me, (as reply to my email to Zsuzsana Jakab), denied
to advice/to inform the member states of the World Health Organization
(WHO) about my inventions, my solutions of biomedical problems of
people. Thus, Imre Hollo has demonstrated, that the WHO is not
interested, both in healthcare and in health of people, and that WHO
does not wish to combat cancer, HIV and autoimmune diseases.

My according prior patent documents, which are cited in the patents of
others, are basic publications, which built basis for these patents of
others listed above. My cited by du Pont patent application DE19822406
and my patent application DE10133071 comprise protease-containing
fusion proteins, i.e. fusion proteins comprising protease and these
published patent application DE19822406 and my patent application
DE10133071 damaging priority worldwide make the following
protease-fusion proteins (fusion proteins containing protease) of
Syntaxin Ltd, Allergan Inc. and Health Protection Agency not new and
not inventive: WO2012156743 (“Therapeutic Fusion Proteins” of
Syntaxin Ltd (GB), mentioned inventors are John Chaddock (GB) and
Elaine Harper (GB); this invention comprise protease cleavage sites
(claim 1), disclosed in my DE19925052 A1, claims 9, 12), AU2011202219
(“Fusion Proteins” of Health Protection Agency and Allergan Inc;
mentioned inventors are Keith Foster, John Chaddock, Philip Marks,
Patrick Stancombe, Roger Aoki, Joseph Francis and Lance Steward) and
US20110091437 (“Fusion Proteins” of Syntaxin and Allergan). My
DE10162870 (claim 1) also discloses fusion proteins containing
protease and any other region or domain.

My inventions help people and, in addition, big amounts were already
saved, acquired and generated and can be saved and generated through
my published inventions.
I have 8 German patents, 5 US patent applications, 5 international PCT
patent applications and over 35 German patent applications. My
inventions comprise new therapies (new anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory,
anti-autoimmune and anti-viral cures), novel antibody-binding fusion
proteins that can be used both as cures and for diagnosis, novel
diagnostic and fast genome sequencing systems, (my German patents for
sequencing are DE19929530, DE19937512 and DE102008037890), as well as
new composite and construction materials (my US20090070900 and
DE102007027596), high quality synthetic diamonds and methods for their
large scale manufacturing (my international patent application
WO2012104722, the US patent application US20120199792 and the German
patent application DE102011010422) and new lubricants (my
US20080242565, my German patent DE19825129 and German patent
applications DE102006054892, DE102006055672 and DE102006055673).
Interestingly, the word ”biodiamonds”, I introduced, was illegaly used
in the name of the company ”Bio-Diamonds” in the UK.

The novel Cherkasky’s synthetic diamonds according to my International
PCT Patent Application WO2012104722 „Novel Cherkasky’s Synthetic
Diamonds and Diamond-Like Materials and Methods and Devices for
Production Thereof”, US Patent Application US20120199792 „Novel
Cherkasky’s synthetic diamonds and diamond-like materials and methods
and devices for production thereof” and German Patent Application
DE102011010422 “Neuartige synthetische Diamanten und diamantartige
Materialien und Verfahren und Vorrichtung zu ihrer kontinuierlichen
Herstellung” (Novel synthetic diamonds and diamond-like materials and
methods and devices for their continuous manufacturing) can be
preferably produced/manufactured by using the High-Pressure
High-Temperature (HPHT)-Technology and can be manufactured
continuously from continuously cultivated or collected and modified
with catalysts and then incinerated biomass, preferably algal biomass
enriched with salts of metal catalysts in order to achieve, to reach
optimal spatial arrangement and even distribution, dispersion of metal
catalysts in the carbon matrix doped with salts/metal catalysis. The
biomass enriched with salts will be incinerated to ash, whereby the
resulting ash can be also additionally enriched with salts (catalyst
metal-halogen-compounds), and this ash will be converted to diamonds
through HPHT treatment/process. The resulting synthetic diamonds are
very near to or similar with the natural diamonds, especially with
natural eclogitic diamonds, where carbon has organic origin, i.e.
carbon originates from detritus, i.e. from biomatter.
Thus, colorless, white and colored synthetic diamonds can be made,
whereby the production process is similar to natural production
process, i.e. natural production process will be “mimicked”. The
structure of natural diamonds and thus physical and especially optical
properties of natural diamonds will be “mimicked”, i.e. copied or
transferred, because metal ions are dispersed or dotted in the carbon
structure and these metal ions, which are doped in a carbon/diamond
host material act as activators or excitable light emitters. These
synthetic diamonds according to my invention comprise the
incorporation of a wide range of dopants (using controlled doping) and
if necessary in high concentrations, thus the resulting synthetic
diamonds are fluorescent and/or phosphorescent.
In current, recent methods, carbon will be firstly purified from
metals and than mixed with metals, but it is not necessary to purify
carbon from metals and than mix it with metals in order to produce
synthetic diamonds.
Thus, this invention allows to increase yield of HPHT-process and to
manufacture large amounts of synthetic diamonds with high quality and
structure and properties like in natural diamonds. It will be also
possible to make novel diamond products.
The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) in Antwerp, Belgium
(Ex-President of WFDB Avi Paz, as well as the WFDB-President Ernest
Blom and the Secretary-General of WFDB Rony Unterman) denied and still
deny to publish this information about this my invention of
high-quality like-natural synthetic diamonds on the WFDB website. This
information about Like Natural Synthetic Diamonds is also published as

In the new composite materials, new construction materials and new
solar batteries according to this my invention US20090070900 matrix
material can be saved (Example 5 (0022)) and replaced through
renewable material, which biomolecules and biomasses are.
In addition, the resulted materials according to this invention are
long living because hubs in materials are replaced through more
complex structures, which biomasses and biomolecules are. Moreover,
because of increased content of biomasses and biomolecules the
resulted materials according to this invention are more solid and

My invention of novel antibody-binding fusion proteins (published as
my international, U.S. and German patent applications WO2005040382,
WO2006136892, US20070106066, US20080200652, DE10350131, DE10202191 and
DE102005028619) for use both as cures (in order to boost the effect of
anticancer IgG-anbodies via cytotoxic action and/or attracting T cells
against target cells, as well as in order to neutralize IgE-antibodies
which are overproduced by asthma, allergies and eczemas) and as
diagnostic and sensor molecules, (in order to reach a densest spatial
arrangement of antibodies on a surface (for the creation of highly
sensitive testing, moreover multiparallel diagnostic systems,
especially for detecting toxins and viruses)) was plagiaristically
used by Samsung and published in its patent applications WO2011055897,
US20120283408, EP2496608 and KR20110048777.

Anticancer antibody-binding fusion protein (US20120076780 ”Recombinant
Fusion Protein and Polynucleotide Construct for Immunotoxin
Production” of Itay Barnea (IL), Itai Benhar (IL), Rahamim Ben-Yosef
(IL) and Akiva Vexler (IL); filed: September 22, 2011; claims 1, 7, 14
and 15) is also not novel and not inventive because of my
US20080200652, WO2005040382, WO2006136892, US20070106066 and

I have also proposed the establishing the new first-in-the-world
network of unique institutes for evaluation and implementation of
(preferably biomedical) inventions as solutions of (preferably
biomedical) problems of people.
This new organization will transparently evaluate and implement
inventions (show their feasibility) and will work in addition to
academic research institutes and firms and independently from status
of inventors, but dependently from quality of inventions, because
everybody could need innovative, inventive biomedical help and
patients need a broad inventive biomedical help.
Continuous implementation of inventions will make new hope for
patients and reduce risks of investors.
Please visit the blog http://cherkaskysneweconomicmodel.blogspot.de/
to learn more.
My proposed inventions, especially confirmed and recognized inventions
as well as my proposed inventions implementation organization make
hope for people and thus deserve to be suported and need to be
I am also seeking for support for my proposed International League of
Inventors for Protection of Interests of Inventors and for
Establishing The Cherkasky’s Patent System.