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Vaxil Presents My Inventions As Vaxil’s Own

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Vaxil Presents My Inventions As Vaxil’s Own

Alexander Cherkasky


My published German patent application DE19951694 (from the year 1999
(Filing date: October 27, 1999)), which damages and claims priority
worldwide, discloses also in the claims 4 and 9 fusion proteins
comprising random proteins of interest and membrane penetration
domains (MPD) as well as fusion proteins comprising random proteins of
interest and signal peptides, i.e. signal peptide domains. Thus these
fusion proteins can migrate in extracellular and intracellular space
(claim 4).
This my invention of fusion proteins comprising any protein and signal
peptide domain, disclosed in DE19951694, was descibed and
plagiaristically used by the Israeli company Vaxil (by Lior Carmon) in
its US20120177677 (”Antigen Specific Multi-Epitope-Based
Anti-infective Vaccines”), WO2011007359 and EP2453914 (from the years
2009 and 2010) and ”Antigen Specific Multi Epitope Vaccines”
(US20100074925 (claims 39, 57, 58), EP2089423, WO2008035350, CA2665816
and AU2007298494). In these publications Vaxil described ”peptide
vaccines including the signal peptide domain” (Abstract of
US20120177677 as well as claim 29 (”a vaccine comprising a peptide or
a recombinant polypeptide(!) consisting of at least one signal peptide
domain(!) of at least one target protein(!) of a intracellular(!)
pathogen”) and claim 36 (”restriction enzyme sites” were disclosed in
my DE19925052 A1, claims 9, 12 and 20 (for therapeutic use)) and claim
42 of Vaxil’s US20120177677). But as mentioned above these
descriptions of Vaxil (Vaxil BioTherapeutics Ltd. (TASE:VAXL)) are not
new and not inventive because of my DE19951694.
Investors of Vaxil must know this information, because this key
intellectual property of Vaxil can be lost (for example, patents will
not be granted or if granted by errors of examiners, the patents can
be rejected after reexamination with the United States Patent and
Trademark Office (USPTO)), and thus products/product canditates of
Vaxil can not be protected from competitors.